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Modern Equipment for Modern Dentistry

Posted on: Monday, August 25th, 2014

Dentistry, like the medical industry, is a constantly developing and advancing field. Dentists and researchers are always working to make procedures less-invasive, more comfortable, and more economical. Here at Avalon Dental Center, Dr. Michael Ofir and his team go to great lengths to stay updated on the latest techniques. That’s why we’ve invested in modern equipment.

Equipment for Preventative Dentistry

When it comes to ensuring the dental health of our patients, the first step is a thorough examination. This examination is key to spotting infection or other dental problems quickly. Oral examinations, along with preventative dental measures, are the most important part of maintaining good oral health. A few of the advanced tools and equipment we use for preventative dentistry include:

  1. Digital x-rays offer the an instant glimpse into the state of your teeth and gums. These digital images are available on our computer screens immediately, where we can study and manipulate them to seek out potential problems. The best thing about digital x-rays is that they release ten times less radiation than standard x-ray systems.
  2. Intra-oral cameras allow our dental professionals and hygienists to get a close-up and meticulous view of your teeth and gums from every angle. These tiny cameras are used with bright lighting techniques to illuminate every nook and cranny of your mouth. No cavities or infections can hide from the intra-oral camera. If your dentist does spot any problems, he can show you an in-depth view on one of the computer monitors that are built into every dental exam room.
  3. Advanced cleaning tools such as an ultra-sonic scaler will clean away hardened deposits of plaque and tartar that are found beneath the gum-line. This machine can also be used with antibiotic gum treatment to treat mild forms of gum disease.

Equipment for Restorative Dentistry

A few of the latest general and restorative techniques we’ve added include:

  1. Our Teeth in One Day dental implant system is a revolutionary approach that allows Dr. Ofir to surgically place a dental implant and attach a fully-functional replacement crown in a single office visit.
  2. Rotary endodontic instruments are used at our office to make root canal procedures faster and more comfortable for patients.

Equipment for Cosmetic Dentistry

Our own Dr. Ofir takes continuing education courses on dentistry techniques to make sure that he can offer patients the latest cosmetic treatments. We are proud to offer the following new cosmetic technologies:

  1. Six Month Smiles® is a new orthodontic system that can straighten teeth in only six months! The inconspicuous titanium wires are strong enough to move teeth into the desired position much more quickly than with traditional methods.
  2. Britesmile™ advanced teeth whitening utilizes a patented gel formula in conjunction with a gentle blue light to whiten teeth up to fourteen shades lighter in only one hour!

If you’d like to see some of this modern equipment for yourself, contact Avalon Dental Center for a free tour of our facility. You can also learn more about our advanced dental services:

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