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Periodontal Treatment

Caring for your gums and dental health is vital to your overall well-being. Neglecting proper oral hygiene can and will lead to dangerous periodontal disease. It’s never too late to start taking proper care of your oral health, since most gum infections can be treated and healed.

Periodontal Treatment

If you are experiencing symptoms such as sore or bleeding gums, or if it’s been over six months since your last oral examination, schedule an appointment with a Cambridge, MA, dentist right away. At Avalon Dental Cambridge, a periodontist will evaluate your oral health and make any necessary recommendations. Our dental office is positioned in Cambridge, MA, between Arlington, Belmont, Brighton, Medford, Somerville and Watertown.

Symptoms and Signs of Gum Disease

Gingivitis is the most common form of gum disease and can be identified by the following symptoms:

Swelling/itchiness of the gums
Bleeding of the gums after brushing or flossing teeth
Inflamed gums that are purple or red in color
Periodontitus is another type of periodontal infection that can be dangerous to your health. This is often caused by poor oral hygiene, but has also been correlated with uncontrolled diabetes and smoking. Symptoms of periodontitis, in addition to those listed for gingivitis, include:

  • Receding gums
  • Chronic halitosis (bad breath)
  • Loose teeth, resulting from bone loss
  • A metallic taste in the mouth
  • Treatment of Periodontal Infection

Depending on the severity of the infection, gum disease will be treated with a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gum tissue, and may require antibiotic treatment as well. In rare cases, surgery and tooth removal is necessary to restore the damage.

Prevention of Gum Disease

The most important step in preventing gum disease is to practice meticulous oral hygiene at home. Brush after every meal with a soft toothbrush for at least two to three minutes, and floss at least once a day.

Preventative Dentistry in Our Office

Visiting your local Cambridge, MA dental office every six months is important as well, since oral exams can catch periodontal infections early on. A professional dental cleaning will also be performed to make sure there is no bacteria and tartar hiding in your teeth and gums. If there is buildup of plaque and tartar below the gum line, sonic vibration and scaling tools will be used to clean it away completely.

Additional Resources

Be sure to contact us with any questions regarding our preventive dental services, as well as children’s dentistry and sedation dentistry.