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Scaling and Root Planing

dentist-maDeep or full-mouth scaling is an intense professional teeth cleaning by dental hygienists at Avalon Dental Center, often recommended as treatment for patients who have high risk of gum disease. More involved than a regular teeth cleaning, scaling refers to removing the hard substance called “calculus”, that lives under the gum tissue in your mouth. Some medical doctors will prescribe antibiotics prior to a deep cleaning procedure.

Before the Procedure

It is important to inform your dental center or dentist of any medications or supplements you are taking prior to having the dental cleaning performed.

How a Deep Dental Scaling is Performed

A dental hygienist will begin the dental deep-cleaning by providing a local anesthetic to help numb the area where they will be working. Many times the procedure will be divided into multiple appointments so different areas of the mouth can be thoroughly cleaned at each appointment. Once the patient is numb, the hygienist will begin removing the buildup deep below the gumline using high-tech, ultrasonic vibration tools and other dental instruments. It may feel as if the tartar is being chipped off of each tooth; but the local anesthetic will ensure that you’re not in any pain.

After the Procedure

When the process is finished, the patient may feel some soreness or areas that are tender. Deep scaling is especially beneficial for those patients experiencing symptoms of gingivitis, such as bleeding gums.

Dental Scaling and Periodontal Disease

This procedure is especially important for patients who have a high risk for periodontal disease, as well as those who have some form of gum infection already. Most gum infections are caused by a buildup of calcified tartar below the gum-line, where it can irritate, infect and deteriorate the gum tissue. The good news is that a deep scaling and root-planing will remove the initial cause of periodontal infection, starting off the healing process. Most forms of periodontal disease can be healed with proper cleaning and oral care.

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At Avalon Dental Center in Cambridge & Somerville, we have specialists on hand to deal with any dental situation you encounter – including gum disease, gingivitis and bleeding gums. Call our dental office at 1-888-745-2389 to schedule an appointment today. If your symptoms are not as severe, you may prefer a standard teeth cleaning. Also ask about our cosmetic teeth-whitening treatment.